Le chemin du coeur passe par le ventre‘ – Paul Bocuse

France is the land of 365 different kinds of cheese, one for every day of the year, many regional products (‘produits du terroir’), sophisticated gastronomy, and bistros. French cuisine is rich and diverse, especially in the Burgundy region, making it an enormously inspiring place for culinary exploits. We would love to serve up a delicious three-course meal for you on request, subject to availability. Do not expect haute cuisine, but fresh and honest meals, where we always try to use produce from our own vegetable garden and meat from our local butcher as much as possible. The food we serve is generally Mediterranean, alongside traditional French regional dishes. And we also have plenty to enjoy for vegetarians.

Plateau de bienvenu

On request and subject to availability, we can serve up a simple welcome dish at €15 per person (incl. a carafe of wine). Our welcome dish will be something along the lines of ‘antipasti’, a quiche, or soup, salad, and bread, so that you won’t have to cook after a long trip. Please make sure you book your welcome dish ahead. Later in the week, we can serve a three-course meal at €25 pp (incl. a carafe of wine). Ask us about the options when booking.

Meals, including a carafe of water and a carafe of table wine, are served in the garden, on the veranda, or over at ‘your place’.

We can also offer a wide selection of wines from our cellar, which you can buy at cost (ranging from €5 to €25), plus a €10 ‘cork fee’.